Rott Chihuahua Mix

Rott Chihuahua Mix

Rott Chihuahua Mix is the hybrid breed of the small Chihuahua and energetic Rottweiler. It’s an intelligent and active dog breed. They are also known as Chiweiler.  If you want a cute dog for your family, then Chiweiler is best. This breed possesses some attributes that you want in a furry companion. Today in this … Read more

Pomeranian Black and Tan

Pomeranian Black and Tan

Pomeranian are small dogs with adorable personalities which make them great pets. They are known for their cheerful nature and fluffy coats. If you are going to add a black and tan Pomeranian in your family then understanding about the Pomeranian breed is very essential.  Pomeranians are highly intelligent and easy to train and learn … Read more

Do chihuahuas like to Swim

do chihuahuas like to swim

The Chihuahua is too small but you know what, they can swim. They do not swim like larger breeds but with the help of a doggy life jacket they can enjoy the splashes of water.  Swimming is a famous activity of dogs and the question arises by the Chihuahua new owners that do chihuahuas like … Read more

Can a Chihuahua be a service dog

can a chihuahua be a service dog

 Chihuahuas are small dogs with an easy going personality, making them great pets for families. Can a Chihuahua be a service dog and change difficult tasks like other working dogs? The answer is yes Chihuahuas can be a serving dog. It is confirmed by many dog Chihuahua parents. Chihuahuas can be helpful for mental disabilities … Read more

Lab Mixed with Pomeranian

Lab mixed with Pomeranian

Have you ever thought about what type of dog comes when a Lab mixed with Pomeranian? Pomeranian lab mix also called as Pomador is cross between a male Pomeranian with a female Labrador. The result of this breeding in a friendly, alert and intelligent dog.  The lab Pomeranian mix is a small to medium sized … Read more

Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix

Care of Rottweiler Chihuahua mix

Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix dog is a combination of Rottweiler and Chihuahua dog. This mixed breed is also known as “RottChi” is a blend of charm and strength. It’s a small to medium size dog with the protective nature of a Rottweiler and lovely personality of a Chihuahua who is considered for the right owner.  … Read more

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix

The Pomeranian great dane mix is a cross between Pomeranian and Great Dane breeds. It is also known as Pomeranian and Pomerdane. This mixed breed combines the small body and lively personality of the Pomeranian with the height and gentle nature of the Great Dane. In the result we get a fun loving and energetic … Read more

Rat Terrier Pomeranian Mix

rat terrier pomeranian mix

The Pomerat is a small size dog which gets through the cross between the rat terrier and Pomeranian. Rat terrier pomeranian mix is considered to be a high energetic and playful dog. They are small dogs that are filled with charisma.  Though they are feisty, they make them great family pets. The Pomerat is suitable … Read more

Chihuahua Weight Chart

chihuahua weight chart

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed with a big personality. They are famous for their tiny size and people give them names like “teacup” and  “handbag”. If you have a chihuahua puppy you think about the size of this dog and what the size of my dog and when will they stop growing. If you … Read more