Are Chihuahuas Aggressive

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive: Chihuahuas are small dog breeds. They are loyal, intelligent, active and friendly. They first originated in Mexico. They are famous for their small size and big personality. Their weight is between 2 to 6 pounds and height is 6 to 9 inches. They have high energy levels, so they don’t need a lot of exercise. Just 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise is necessary to keep them healthy. They are very easy to train. 

can be stubborn by nature, so proper training is essential from a young age. They are known for their loving nature and don’t show aggressive behavior towards children. But they are not suitable for those families whose children don’t know how to behave with the pet, because they are fragile dogs. They show aggression towards strangers and other animals. They enjoy walking and playing with their owner. Today in this article, we will study what makes your Chihuahua aggressive. 

Why Are Chihuahuas Aggressive

Chihuahua are not aggressive, that makes them an excellent family pet. But sometimes they show aggression towards strangers and other animals. These small dogs are great companions for humans, and they like to make a strong bond with their owner and other family members. They are referred to as “big dogs in a small body” by certain breeders.

To reduce their bad behavior, first recognize the factors that cause them to act aggressively.  There are many reasons of Chihuhaua’s aggression. Some reasons are mentioned below;

Lack Of Training

are chihuahuas aggressive

Proper training is essential for your Chihuahua, regardless of their small size. Chihuahuas are unconditionally spoiled due to their small stature, making it easier to develop behavioral issues. Without proper training, Chihuahuas might become overly possessive and aggressive. Structured training and positive reinforcement can help to build a relationship between the Chihuahua and its owner. 

Basically, Chihuahuas are not aggressive. While some people may exhibit these behaviors, it is a result of external factors such as improper socialization, environmental influences or inconsistent training. As a responsible owner, you need to make your Chihuahua socialize with proper training. 

For the training of your Chihuahua, seek the guidance of professional trainers. They can provide you the best personalized guidance, create a training plan, and address any underlying issues that make your Chihuahua aggressive. 

Small Dog Syndrome

The small dog syndrome is a term used to describe the behavioral pattern of the Chihuahua, displaying an exaggerated sense of aggression. This can result from overcompensation due to their small size, coupled with the lack of proper training. These dogs may exhibit excessive barking and snapping over humans and other animals. Recognizing this syndrome can help owners address the root cause and work for correcting the behavior of the Chihuahua. 

Lack Of Trust

When the Chihuahua has not been adequately introduced to people or other animals and has never bitten, it feels threatened. There is a lack of understanding, which can lead to aggression.

When the Chihuahua does not trust someone, they act aggressively during the first meeting. They will bark at the person and may even growl at them. They will try to stay away from strangers as much as possible. It is important to find out what makes your Chihuahua feel unsafe and then try to change their behavior. 

Irritation From Ongoing Skin Infections

Like other dog breeds, Chihuahuas are also prone to skin allergies. They may get aggressive if their fur gets irritated for a long period of time. It is important to know that when a Chihuahua has an ongoing skin infection, they may develop aggressive behavior. As a dog’s owner, it is difficult to tell if your Chihuahua reacts because of skin infection or other health problems. In this case, you visit the vet to help. 

When the fur around her neck and face becomes irritating from allergies, then your Chihuahua will typically growl when you come near them. They may also become aggressive if you try to clean the area of fur. In this case, a veterinarian treatment is very essential for your Chihuahua. 


are chihuahuas aggressive

Chihuahua are not immune to pain like other dog breeds. When they are uncomfortable in any way, they will become aggressive. It is uncommon for Chihuahuas to be aggressive when they are in pain. As a responsible owner, if you notice any change in your Chihuahua’s activity then take them to the vet for proper treatment. 

One of the most common reasons for your Chihuahua’s aggression is, when they’re in pain, because of old age. Older Chihuahua dogs may show aggressive behavior due to a vulnerability  of their senses.

Fearful Aggression

Chihuahuas are small dogs and easily scared from unfamiliar things. The most common cause of aggression in your Chihuahua is fear. They show aggressive behavior when they are feeling threatened. This is common in situations where the dog can not escape from you or another person.

You must understand your dog’s body language to make them comfortable around you. Chihuahuas are fragile dogs and also show fearfulness in certain situations. 

Are Chihuahuas Protective

The Chihuahua’s devilness can be related to their protective nature. They are known for their close relationship that they make with their owner. When their owner’s attention is diverted to other pets, this can lead to aggressive behavior towards strangers. 

Chihuahuas can also protect their things such as toys, food and bedding. If your Chihuahua’s protectiveness  results in aggression, it should be important to consult the veterinarians.   

Are All Chihuahuas Aggressive

Aggression in Chihuahua is not a sure thing. Many Chihuahuas are loyal, intelligent, friendly and loving if they are bred and cared for properly. Choosing an honest and reputable breeder is the best way to ensure that your Chihuahua has a friendly attitude. 

If you want an active and healthy Chihuahua, search those breeders who also breed from well-behaved dogs. Start proper training from a young age to make your Chihuahua puppy socialize and be a good family dog.  

Why Is My Chihuahua Suddenly Aggressive

If your Chihuahua appears to act aggressively when they are usually calm playing, then don’t hesitate to take them to the vet. This could be due to some injury or disease. Tumors, epilepsy and other brain inflammation are among the most common causes of aggression in your Chihuahua. 

For Example : when your Chihuahua is in pain and they don’t know how to handle the pain. Then they can show aggressive behavior towards you.

Top Tips For Dealing With Aggressive Chihuahua

During puppyhood, you need to give your Chihuahua puppy proper training to socialize and be good family pets

If something is frightening your Chihuahua, they may become aggressive. Here are some important tips for reducing the aggression of your Chihuahua;

Dog Training 

Inadequate training can lead a wide range of problems to your Chihuahua. When training a smaller dog, as a responsible owner you should do the same as you could with the larger dogs. In addition, providing your Chihuahua mental stimulation and physical activity, it can help to reduce irregular behavior. 

Socializing With Other Dogs

are chihuahuas aggressive

If your Chihuahua has had negative experiences with other people and animals at a young age, then they can be permanently defensive and paranoid towards strangers. Dogs of all ages can get along with Chihuahuas. If you are planning on adopting a new puppy for your family then socialization play can help your small dog adopt quickly. 

Plenty Of Exercise 

All dog breeds need plenty of exercise to keep them healthy, happy and reduce the risk of being overweight. Excess energy can also benefit your Chihuahua physical and psychological well-being. Overly energetic Chihuahua puppies can become frustrated, bored or even aggressive. It does not matter how tiny your Chihuahua is, they need at least 30 to 45 minutes daily exercise. 

Give Them A Safe Space 

are chihuahuas aggressive

When your little Chihuahua wants some quiet space, then you give them. Buy a crate for your Chihuahua and fill it with a soft bed for them. They can get back to their crate when they need a break for rest. A clean bowl, fresh water and favorite toys are essential. 


Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed. They are known for their friendly behavior. Typically, they don’t show aggressive behavior. They are very friendly with children and don’t show aggression that makes a good family pet. Despite their small size, they have a big and charming personality. Sometimes they show aggressive behavior towards strangers and other dogs. 

There are also many other causes that force your Chihuahua to show aggression such as lack of training, lack of trust, small dog syndrome, pain and fearful aggression. So you need to start proper training from a young age to make them socialize. Otherwise, chihuahuas are the most popular dog breed, if you want to adopt a dog for your family then this is the best option for you. 


Chihuahuas are not aggressive dogs, but sometimes they are known for their multiple traits of aggression. Chihuahuas are known for their friendly and loving behavior.

Chihuahua is a popular small dog breed. Like all other breeds, they also have certain behavioral issues that arise such as begging, house training challenges, excessive barking, separation anxiety, biting, nipping and destructive chewing.

Yes, Chihuahuas are known to be jealous creatures. They become possessive of their owner and feel threatened by other animals. 

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