Bone Broth For Cats

Bone Broth has thousands of years of human use, but now it is being used for all types of pets, especially for cats. Bone Broth is a rich-nutrient fluid that has the potential to boost your cat’s digestion. All soups with bones that comprise beef, poultry, or hog are collectively referred to as “bone broth.”  Bone Broth promotes hair growth and shine, strong bone development and healthy skin. 

Adding a Bone Broth to your cat’s diet can provide essential nutrients which make food more appealing. Bone Broth is still prepared by boiling animal bones, bone broth is cooked longer to extract collagen and other nutrients. Today in this article, we will discuss the best bone broth, health benefits of bone broth for cats. 

Is Bone Broth Safe For Cats

Because bone broth contains animal-rich protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including glycine, proline, glutamine, and glucosamine, it is healthy for cats to consume. There are many subpar quality products in the market that are not real Bone Broth, so you need to beware of them. Cats are obligate carnivores and they can not eat any product that contains harmful ingredients like yeast extracts, added sodium, fillers or preservatives. 

Although delicious, bone broth has the potential to cause overeating. But you need to stop your cat from overeating, because cats are susceptible to the issue of overeating. It is a good idea to monitor your cat’s response, when introducing a new food in their diet

Health Benefits Of Bone Broth For Cats 

Bone Broth is a liquid made from boiling animal bones in water. The benefits of Bone Broth include hair growth, anti-inflammatory benefits, crucial vitamins and minerals for longevity. Some of the benefits of Bone Broth are given below: 

Hydration : Cats have a naturally low-thirst drive, so it is important to add moisture in their diet. Providing Bone Broth for cats is a great way to do so. Bone Broth also enhances the flavor and provides essential nutrients. 

Coat Growth : The Bone Broth contains amino acids, collagen and essential minerals that supports overall skin health and also contributes to a shiny coat. Bone Broth also helps to reduce shedding. 

Improved Digestion : Collagen and amino acids in Bone Broth can help strengthen the protective lining in the cat’s digestive tract. A stronger digestive tract means increased nutrient absorption.

Minerals & Vitamins : Cats need a variety of nutrients for their healthy life. Bone Broth is a good choice, because it contains essential minerals and vitamins which can help your cat to feel better when they are sick.

Anti-Inflammation : Gelatin layer in Bone Broth is a good source of amino acid which can help to reduce the inflammation. Chicken Broth may fight off upper respiratory tract infection. Bone Broth has potent detoxifying effects for cats. 

Joint Health : By increasing the integrity of cartilage in Bone Broth, collagen helps to improve joint health. The collagen in Bone Broth may relieve the arthritis in older cats. 

Immune Support : Supporting your cat’s immune system can help to ensure the healthy life of your cat. The essential minerals and vitamins in Bone Broth can help to restore the immune function. 

Liver Detoxification : Rich in amino acid glycine can support your cat’s natural detoxification liver system. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins from the cat’s blood. 

Cats Needs Meat Based Proteins : Cats are obligate carnivores and they require meat in their diet, so Bone Broth is the most appropriate food for them. Bone Broth provides amino acids, proteins and essential nutrients to your cat

Recovery : Bone Broth is great for cats recovering from major operations. The Bone Broth is easily digestible for cats and dogs. It includes glucosamine, glycine, proline, collagen and potassium which can help in healing and detoxification.  

Best Way To Serve A Bone Broth To Cats

bone broth for cats

Bone Broth should be served to your cat as a meal topper or by the water bowl. For a meal topper, you can simply mix it with their regular meals and stir it all together to make a gravy. Remember that cats are carnivorous, that’s why they will most likely love it. You can swerve it to your cat as a special treat. 

Serve As A Meal Topper

You can offer it as a special treat by adding it to food to see your cat’s reaction. 1 to 2 tbsp of liquid is a great dose to start to see your cat’s reaction, how your cat likes it. If you are using a powdered Bone Broth, then simply add 1 to 2 tbsp of powder in your cat’s food.  

Put It In Their Water Bowl 

Adding a Bone Broth in water will encourage your cat to drink more. Bone Broth with water will also give your cat hydrating electrolytes to stabilize their energy. Simply add 1 tbsp powder with hot water and mix it properly. Before giving to your cat make sure it should not be too hot. When it cools, then add it to your cat’s water dish. 

If you have a liquid Bone Broth, then you need to add 3 tbsp to the water. You can serve Bone Broth to your cat with quality freeze-dried foods.

Freeze It For Convenient Use

Freezing means you can keep the Bone Broth fresh for up to 12 months. We recommend you first prepare it properly then pour it into the ice cube to freeze it. Once the Bone Broth freezes, then you can pop the cubes into a ziploc bag for a single use. When you are ready to serve the frozen Bone Broth to your cat, simply grab a Broth cube and add it to your cat’s water dish and let it melt. 

Safety Tips For Cats Consuming Bone Broth

bone broth for cats

Bone Broth is generally available in two forms (liquid & powder). It can be poured or sprinkled into your cat’s food or water bowl. Consult the veterinarian to find out if and how adding bone broth to your cat’s diet will benefit them. It’s important to note that your cat’s food contains all of the nutrients required for proper bodily function. By feeding a complete balanced diet, your cat doesn’t need Bone Broth or other supplements. 

If you decide to add Bone Broth in your cat’s meal, then moderation is important. Overfeeding can lead to a buildup of calcium and magnesium, which can affect the kidney and other organs of your cat’s body.  

Tips For Choosing A Good Bone Broth

The quality of your Bone Broth is similar to the quality of the ingredients. If you give your Bone Broth to your cat as a supplement, then you need to choose a high-quality product. Here are some tip you need to keep in mind while choosing a Bone Broth for your cat: 

  • Make sure it is made of real food ingredients like chicken, beef or pork. 
  • Check the cooking time, Bone Broth must be simmered longer than regular Broth.
  • Avoid human Bone Broth recipes, because it contains onion, garlic and salt that are not good for your cat. 
  • Choose a Bone Broth that does not contain artificial additives.
  • Choose gelatin rich Bone Broth to ensure high protein content.
  • Look for other essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  

Bone Broth Recipe For Cats

Making a Bone Broth at home is not complicated. You can grab some bones and a cheap cut of meat and simmer it on your stove. This recipe is intended for cats and is very easy to make. Once complete, it is cooked and ready to eat and no extra preparation is required. 


  • 3 lbs bones (beef, fish, lamb or chicken or a mix of them).
  • Optional add ins: 2 carrots

How To Make Bone Broth For Cats

  • Add bones to a large pop, dutch oven or slow cooker.
  • Add 12 cups of water.
  • Then boil the pot over high heat. 
  • Skim your Bone Broth 2 to 3 times over the first hour, when it starts to boil reduce the heat to a rolling simmer. 
  • Cook it for 4 to 12 hours on your stove. 
  • The longer you cook it for, the more your pet gets the health benefits of Bone Broth. 
  • Once you are finished, strain your liquid in a mesh strainer to remove food solids from it.  
  • Some bones can splinter and cause GI problems for a cat. 
  • Store in the freezer for 6 months or in the fridge for 7 days. 

Bone Broth For Cats With IBD

Cats with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) can benefit from Bone Broth. Bone Broth is an important part of your cat’s diet if she has inflammatory bowel disease. It helps cats suffering from vomiting and diarrhea because it is full of hydrated electrolytes including chloride, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Bone Broth also contains glycine that may help to relieve digestive symptoms and strengthen the intestine. 


If you are looking for a simple way to moisten your Cat’s dry food then the powder Bone Broth is a simple solution. It’s important to choose the best Bone Broth for your cat’s healthy life. We recommend starting with a gut friendly powdered option like Bluebird Provisions. It is the highest quality with the most proteins. If you want a liquid Bone Broth, then we recommend starting with Caru. 

Start supplementing your cat’s diet today with a protein-rich Bone Broth. Slow simmered and packed with flavor, Bone Broth is the best way to boost your cat’s moisture intake. Bone Broth can also be helpful for cats with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Making Bone Broth at home is very easy. The benefits of Bone Broth include hair growth, anti-inflammatory benefits, and crucial vitamins and minerals for longevity.


Bone Broth is good for cats because it is rich in collagen, an essential component of bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, organs, and hair. Bone Broth supports your cat’s digestive system, immune system, liver detoxification, joint health and coat health.  

Giving Bone Broth to your cat with kidney problems, make sure it contains low-sodium content and check the phosphorus content. Because high-sodium content is harmful for cats with kidney problems.  

Cats cannot eat chicken bones because they are too sharp. Chicken bones can splinter easily, which can cause blockage in the digestive tract. 

Bone Broth is the best soup for cats because it is a meat based soup. The Bone Broth is animal rich protein in amino acids like glycine, proline, glutamine and glucosamine.   

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