Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Can Cats Drink Coconut Water: About pet’s food , All pet care lovers have always been concerned. Every pet is beautiful and unique. Every owner loves her pet and is always worried about their health. Coconut water is becoming increasingly famous these days. Coconut is a popular fruit that people enjoy. For human health and wellness, the use of coconut water is very beneficial. Inside it coconut water is found in liquid form. Normally your cat does not  like water, so you may surprise your cat with coconut water.

Coconut is not toxic for cats, it includes triglycerides which is very good for your pet’s digestive problems such as bloating and stomach pain etc. The vitamins and minerals in the water play a very important role in your pet’s immunity. You can give a small amount of coconut water to your cat. If you give in large quantities, it’s not good for your cat. Today in this article we studied in detail  about “can cats drink coconut water”. The whole detail of coconut water for cats are given below;

Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Small amount of coconut water is not harmful for your cat, but daily providing coconut water in large quantities is harmful for your cat and can upset your cats gastrointestinal. In coconut water carbohydrates and electrolytes are found in large amounts. Coconut water is a dehydrating agent because of sodium ,potassium and magnesium in it.

Coconut water cannot be used as a rehydration solution because many foods are designed only for humans and those foods are usually hazardous for cats and other pets.

You will be happy to know that coconut water boosts the immunity of kittens. It protects against various diseases and can help them withstand illness. The nicest part of coconut water is that it is very tasty.

Is Coconut Water Good For Cats

Some people have reported that their cats behave abnormally after drinking coconut water. People have a different reaction to different foods, same goes for cats. Sometimes the cats behaved strangely, if they were sedated or hyperactive. Some cats drink it without any issue as normal water, but some cats give a strange drug-like reaction after drinking coconut water.

It’s good for cats to drink coconut water in a small amount, owners should give coconut water to cats in little quantities and water provided as a gift. You should not give high quantities because Coconut water contains a high level of sugar, and milk with sugar is not good for cats.

Is Coconut Water Safe For Cats

Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is generally safe to consume in moderation and is safe for diabetic patients as well. Owners must supply their cats with plenty of coconut water. We all know cats like to eat fish and meat. Coconut water is considered safe for consumption by people of all ages. In coconut, sugar content is higher as compared to the other fruits. Cat’s owner need to know about the cat’s diet because cats are not permitted to drink water more than 3-5% in their diet. Giving coconut water is not recommended to cats because it makes them sick. Cat’s are carnivorous and they need protein in their food, and coconut water contains no proteins. One cup coconut water contains following ingredients, according to the US department of agriculture:

•44 calories

•64 mg of sodium

•9.6g of sugar

•10.4g of carbohydrates

•24.3 mg of vitamin C

•404 mg of potassium

Cats already have high water content in her bodies. If you give them a lot of water daily they become dehydrated faster than usual. When this happens, the best method is to not allow to give too much liquid until he gets back on track. 

Potential Benefits of Coconut Water For Cats

In recent years, coconut water has been gaining popularity as a health drink. Let’s focus on some of the possible benefits of coconut water. 

1.Electrolytes and Hydration

The good advantage of coconut water is that it can help with hydration due to high electrolytes content. Electrolytes are minerals that help to keep proper hydration levels. Their metabolic needs are different from humans, and cats need sufficient hydration for superb health. Coconut water would have the same hydrating results on cats as it does on humans. 

2.Antioxidants and Immunity

Coconut water carries antioxidants that are crucial for assisting the immune system and give shelter against cell damage. Cat’s obtain these compounds from meat, fish and supplements and cats need these compounds a lot. Therefore, it’s not beneficial for cats to add coconut water in their diet merely for its antioxidant fulfillment. 

3.Digestive Health

Coconut water has anti-inflammatory properties that could welfare cats with digestive issues. Coconut water is very helpful in the treatment of many digestive problems in cats. If cats take large amounts of coconut water, it can lead to diarrhea and other digestive diseases. 

Generally, coconut water may have many potential benefits but before adding it to their cat’s diet consult with a veterinarian. Moreover, it is noteworthy that cats have different nutritional needs than humans. Their diet should consist of high quality cat food that provides all the nutritional demands which cats need. 

Potential Risk of Coconut Water For Cats

Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is not harmful for your cat, but there are some potential risks. Let’s see why you should avoid your cat drinking too much coconut water. 

1.Digestive Problems

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, small quantities of coconut or coconut based products are not harmful for cats. If you give it in a large quantity, it can cause many digestive problems such as diarrhea, loose stool or stomach upsets. 

As mentioned before, cats thrive only on meat based products, and they do not need food and vegetables. Cat’s are unable to digest these foods so they can cause many digestive problems. It is noteworthy that all cats are different, some cats might be fine with having a bit of coconut water but some are suffering from stomach upsets. 

2.Too much sugar

Coconut water contains sugar like artificial sweeteners. It contains a small amount of sugar and humans treat it as a cheesecake and it does not cause any long-term effects for your cats. You noticed that your cat enjoys the coconut water a lot and you give it regularly.

You are doing something wrong with your cat. If you give it regularly, you are risking your cat becoming obese. Not only does obesity decrease, it is also connected with health conditions such as respiratory disease, skin disorders and lower urinary tract disease. 

3.High potassium content

Potassium is abundantly found in coconut water and in the cat’s system too much potassium is present. Potassium is an essential ingredient in cat’s blood which helps the cat’s to regulate their heart function, nerve impulse and muscle contraction. If you give coconut water daily, the amount of potassium in the cat’s body increases and that is harmful for cats. Higher concentration of potassium in the cat’s body is called hyperkalemia. High concentration of potassium affects the cat’s heart a lot and many other serious diseases like flaccid paralysis and arrhythmia. 


Can cats drink coconut water? You can give coconut water to your cat in a small amount because it contains electrolytes which is beneficial for cats. You can give coconut water to your cat once or twice a week because regular use of coconut water causes serious diseases in cats. Before giving coconut water to your cat, meet a veterinarian. 


You can give a small  amount of coconut water to your cat,once or twice a week. If you give it in a large quantity, it can cause many digestive issues.

Cat’s liver does not produce glucokinase, which helps in the breakdown of glucose. Felines can handle a little bit of honey, but consuming it in a large quantity affects the digestive system and causes vomiting, gagging and diarrhea.

The diabetic patient, cardiovascular patient electrolyte imbalances or sensitivity to coconut water before consuming coconut water should consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Coconut water contains potassium, sodium, and magnesium which is helpful in the process of hydration. It is also low in calories.

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