Can Cats Eat Donuts

Donuts are an appreciated breakfast that is sugary, sweet and fluffy. When you are enjoying the donut your cat is watching you curiously and as a pet owner you think can cats eat  donuts? then the answer is yes, but because of High sugar levels and fats it’s unhealthy for them and may cause severe health issues if consumed in high quantities.

In this guide we will discuss all the things which you need to know about consuming donuts for your feline, its benefits, disadvantages and how to keep your cat away from this food if it’s risky.

So, lets start reading:

What is a donut?

Donuts are ring shaped pastries that have a hole in the middle. These are fluffy goodies which are fried until golden. They have various Toppings and flavors such as chocolate and maple syrup. They have water, leavening, sugar, oil also  these  may have natural or artificial flavors. 

These were called oil cakes till 1800, because these are deep fried and covered with oil. Donuts have a long European and early middle eastern history where this cuisine emerged but origins lead to Dutch culture who also brought them to New York and were also pioneers of modern donuts.  

With 10 to 15 flavors and over 50 Toppings,10 billion donuts are produced every year.


When you are eating this sweet delight cats are curiously watching so you as responsible pet owner think can cats eat donuts? Firstly, yes they can eat donuts occasionally but sweets are not generally recommended to cats.

 Donuts have fats, carbohydrates and high sugar levels which are very unhealthy for cats and also have no nutritional value for felines. Greater consumption could cause diarrhea and sickness.

Cats are not able to taste sweetness at all and donuts are very sweet. Best diet for cats are meat, some organs and bones. So, feeding your cat raw meat diet which is a natural diet for cats.  


Yes, it is safe to eat for cats  but don’t recommend eating donuts on a regular basis for your cats.if something is safe to eat doesn’t mean you should provide them in high quantities donuts to eat for your cats  because donuts are high in calories and containing carbs and have a high sugar level which causes various health diseases.

Donuts are high in fats,and cats are obligate carnivores and they need fat intake which should come in from animal fat.But the fats found in the donuts are not the same.These fats are more harmful for cats than the good.

Toxic types of Donuts for cats

There are some toxic type of donuts for cats are mentioned below: 

  1. Cinnamon Donut

Large quantities of cinnamon are toxic for cats. When you provide cinnamon on a regular basis for your cats then cinnamon  creates  health issues in your cats. But a small amount of cinnamon could not be harmful for your cat’s health

2.Chocolate Donuts

Even a little bit of chocolate is toxic for your cat like cinnamon. The chocolate donut recipe doesn’t contain a small amount of chocolate so your cats should not eat chocolate in excess otherwise there are chances that your cat could have a coma, seizure and heart issues.

  3.Raisin Donuts

Even a small amount of raisin donuts could be very toxic to your cat. It could cause illness and even kidney failure if your cat has eaten  a raisin donut. Take your cat to the vet within 12 hours if it shows symptoms.

Why are Cats Attracted to Donuts? 

Can Cats Eat Donuts

Cats are carnivores. They can’t taste sweets but if you see them eating a donut don’t think they feel it tastes good but because of the scent of the oil used to fry it attracts them toward the donut. Felines may stop eating it because it can’t taste the sweet things. Whether it likes the donut or not depends on the cat but you should stop your feline from eating it because it is unhealthy for them.

Cats have a habit of curiosity. They want to eat everything they see humans eat .If you’re enjoying donuts your cat will curiously watch you because it is interested in what humans eat. But you should stop your cats from eating donuts because it has no nutritional value in it for them.

Disadvantages of Cats eating Donuts 

Donuts are bad for cats. The sugar and fat content is unfavorable for the cat’s health. Chocolate frosting, filling and powder is especially not suitable for cats to eat. If a cat eats a large amount of donuts, then it would face stomach issues.

Here are some disadvantages of cats eating donuts:

  • It causes diabetes.
  • It would make them obese.
  • It would cause hypertension.
  • It will make them depressed.
  • It can even cause cancer.
  • Too much sweets would make them overweight.

What if I Occasionally Give my Cat Donuts?

Donuts are not safe for Feline health, they contain high sugar and fats. If you occasionally give your cat donuts, monitor their weight and health closely. Occasionally eating one would not create a worrisome situation for your cat but make sure they are lower sugar donuts.

Donuts and Dangerous Toppings

Can Cats Eat Donuts


Cats wouldn’t hesitate drinking milk based products. In fact cats are attracted towards dairy based products. But did you know that unfortunately most cats are lactose intolerant dairy based product donuts are very unhealthy for them causing weakness, digestive problems and diarrhea in them.


Cats can eat eggs. It makes their coat silky and smooth but some cats are easily affected by them.

Powdered Donuts

Powdered donuts are commonly covered with powdered sugar. These high sugar donuts are not good for your feline’s health. These may cause a choking hazard to your cat.

How to Keep Cats away from Donuts

Can Cats Eat Donuts

As a Pets Care Lover owner you should know donuts are not good for your cat’s health so these are the methods to keep your cats away from donuts.

  • Put donuts somewhere high or close them in a jar or box
  • If felines are stubborn about eating donuts you should use their favorite toy to distract them or use their preferred time pass to distract them.

What human foods cats can have?

Giving junk food once in a while to your cats is not a problem. But make sure it has nutritional benefits and it is not just plain junk food that makes your cat unhealthy. We want our cat’s health. So avoid giving it extra junk food.

Here are some human food items that cats could consume:

  • Chicken, Beef, turkey
  • Mashed wheat berries, cornmeal or brown rice
  • Fish that is cooked or from the can
  • Eggs that are boiled
  • Bit sized cheese


Cats are attracted to donuts through their senses and do not know what is good or bad for their health. A small piece of donut is not dangerous for your cat but it does not mean it’s also healthy. Cats cannot taste sweet things but their bodies react to sweets.

Because of high sugar levels and fats it’s unhealthy for them and may cause severe health issues if consumed in high quantities. Too much sweets cause diabetes and obese in cats. Donuts are harmful and health hazardous for your cats. It’s better to give your cats a nutritional diet.


Yes, cats can eat donuts but in small quantities because it has high sugar and fats which cause health issues such as Choking, diabetes, vomiting and diarrhea.

It’s safe to eat for cats but lacks nutritional value. Donuts have high carbs and sugar and cats don’t need either of these in their diet. So donuts fall in the category that they are safe in small amounts but not healthy for them.

Cats are carnivores. They prefer meat over any type of food and meat gives them all the nutrients they want. Cats don’t like donuts. They are attracted towards donuts due to curiosity.

A small amount would not harm them but large quantities can cause mild vomiting and diarrhea and in severe cases heart attack and coma. If your cat is panicky and weakening after a donut consult your vet.

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