Pomeranian Shaved

Pomeranian Shaved: The Pomeranian is the world’s most popular dog breed. This breed is famous for their small-size and big personality. They are very loyal, intelligent, friendly and loving dogs. They have fox-like feces, triangular ears that point straight up, round heads, almond-shaped eyes and feathered tails that arch over their back. They don’t show aggressive behavior. If you want a silent dog then this dog is not a good choice for you, because it is a vocal dog and likes to express her feelings. Their coats come in a variety of colors including red, brown, black, white, blue and orange.

There are also many other features that make this breed so wonderful and attractive. Pomeranian puppies have a short and soft puppy coat. During the growing period their coats look uneven and sparse. Once the Pomeranian are full grown and take the final adult coat that is luxurious and relatively long. Sometimes the coat can be trimmed to look neat and tidy. It should not be shaved, because shaving is a bad idea as it entails the risk of compromising the protective functionalities of the dog’s coat. Today in this article, we will study in detail about the shaving of Pomeranian. 

Can You Shave A Pomeranian Hair

No, shaving your Pomeranian is not a good idea. Because it entails the risks of comprising the protective functionalities of the coat. Shaving may damage the follicles of any double coated dogs like Pomeranian. Shaving can stop their ability to keep themselves warm and cool as required. It protects your dog’s skin from outer environment harms. 

Most Pomeranian dog’s coats will have been shaved and will start growing back immediately. But it’s also possible that the shaved Pomeranian fur never grew back or it took a long time to grow back, but it does not grow similar as before. Taking your Pomeranian to the groomer may be risky, especially if you have not used its services before. The good way to keep your Pomeranin comfortable is to give them a regular bath and brush his coat. If your dog’s hair is badly matted, in this case you can shave your Pomernain’s hairs.   

Does Pomeranian Hairs Grow Back

pomeranian shaved

Sometimes your dog’s coat may grow back quickly and for some Pomeranians their coats never grow back. With shaving your Pomeranian may experience recoating problems, and shaving may change the coat for the rest of the Pomeranian’s life. This problem is known as post-clipping Alopecia. 

If you shaved your Pomeranian’s hair, then the recovery time could be as much as a year. Hairs on the outer coat of your Pomeranian are known as guard hairs, these guard hair grows slower than the underneath. In the older Pomeranian, the greater the chances are that there won’t be any fur growth. If this happens, the short hairs on his legs and head can give them a scruffy and patchy appearance. 

Shaving the coat during the resting phase is thought to be a cause of post-clipping Alopecia, hypothyroidism and other problems associated with the Pomeranin’s metabolism. 
The difference between fur and hairs is that the fur only grows to a certain length and hairs keep on growing. When the hair follicles are dormant and the fur goes through the resting phase this is called the Telogen phase, and the growing phase is called Anagen phase.

4 Myths Regarding Shaving Pomeranians

pomeranian shaved

Shaving a Pom’s coat will prevent shedding

If you shave your Pomeranian’s coat it does not stop shedding, it will continue to shed. But the difference between them is that the shaved Pomeranin will be shed shorter than usual. This might make it more difficult to manage and remove from the furniture, clothes and carpets. 

Shaved Pomeranian Will Feel Cooler In Summer

The undercoat that sheds allows your Pomeranin to feel cool when it is hot. Pomeranain’s coat helps to regulate their body temperature. If you shave your Pomneranain, you will disrupt this system and cause him a lot of discomfort. 

Instead of shaving your Pomeranian, you can brush his fur to help him feel comfortable. That not only makes the coat lighter, it also stops mats from forming. If your Pomeranain’s coat is well-maintained, this will reduce the need of shaving because there are no mats that are impossible to get untangled.  

Your Pom’s fur will grow back

If you shave your Pomeranain’s coat, sometimes your dog’s coat may grow back quickly and for some Pomeranians their coats never grow back. 

This is the most dangerous myth of shaving. If your Pomeranian is older,  he might never see his missing fur again.

Shaving your Pom will help your allergy

The logic behind that could be explained, if your Pomeranian’s fur makes you sneeze, blocks your nose and makes your eyes water. If you think that shaving could be a solution, you are wrong. It does not affect the main source of allergy. People who are allergic to dogs are actually allergic to dead cells of the dog’s skin which we called dander. Sometimes, dander attaches to the dog’s skin and is transmitted that way, but with shaving you will be exposed to a lot more dander. 

The Dangers of Pomeranian Shaved

pomeranian shaved

Shaving your Pomeranian can bear certain dangers. It’s also critical to keep in mind because there are cases where you do something that is permanent. Think twice before making a decision of shaving. Ask questions of your vet and groomer because your Pomeranian life could be in your hands. Shaving difficulties are given below:

The fur might not grow back

If you make a decision about shaving your Pomeranian with the fact that his fur will grow back then you are wrong, because there are times when it simply won’t regrow. Most commonly, after the shaving your Pomeranian fur does not grow back to be the same as before. Newly grown fur may be shorter and even with patches. 

Pomeranian Fur Can Be Permanently Damaged 

The hairs on the outer coat are called guard hairs. If you shave your Pomeranian then the growth process of the outer hairs is slower than the fluffy fur that is underneath. In some cases, it does not grow back as usual. 

Pomeranian Sunburn

If you really want to shave your Pomeranian, make sure to leave at least one inch of fur. If you don’t do so, then your Pomeranain’s skin will be exposed to the sun and suffer from sunburn. His outer coat (guard hairs) helps to protect your Pomeranian from sunburn and bug bites. 

Pomeranian Skin Cancer

When you shave your Pomeranian, then it’s easy for your Pom to develop skin cancer due to a lack of protection. Shaving can make your Pomeranian’s skin vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays. 

Pomeranian Heatstroke

Your Pomeranian’s coat helps to keep them cool in the summer months. Your intention is good that your Pomeranian feels cool in the summer season with shaving. But in reality, after shaving the coat, your Pomeranian begins panting heavier as that’s a way for him to cool himself. He will also start to take longer breaks when he goes walking. If you love your Pomeranian, this is not something you would like to see. If the walk used to be fun previously, they probably feel like a torture. 

Best Tips for Taking Care of Your Pomeranian’s Coat

pomeranian shaved

Proper grooming is very essential for your Pomeranian’s overall health. Regular grooming can help your Pomeranian to prevent mats and other skin irritations. Here are some common tips for taking care of your Pomeranian’s coat;

Grooming Regular

Regular grooming can help your Pomeranian to keep their coat smooth, hydrated and soft. Regular brushing and bathing is very essential, it prevents your Pomeranian from developing mats and other skin irritations that might force them to be shaved. 

Find A Professional Groomer

If you are not sure about doing with your Pomeranian’s coat, then it’s a good idea to find a professional groomer who can take care of your Pomeranian for you. 

Bathe Them Consistently

Bathe your Pomeranian after every 3 weeks. After the bathing, dry their coat immediately so it can avoid your Pomeranian from skin irritation. Bathe your dog with warm water. Buy a high quality dog shampoo for your Pomeranian like  Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe, Vanilla & Almond Shampoo.


Dry their coat immediately to prevent any skin irritation. It’s also important to keep their skin moisturized and healthy, especially in a dry environment. Proper moisturizing can help to maintain a fluffy and bright coat. 

How To make Fur Grow Back

If your Pomeranian coat suffers from shaving and won’t ever be the same again, you should try to bring it back. Here are some tips;

  • Massage your Pom after brushing.
  • Remove mats asap.
  • Use a shampoo that stimulates the growth of fur.  
  • Use a suitable conditioner.


Regular trimming and trips to the dog groomer is fine for your Pomeranian. You can even work with the groomer to style your Pomeranian. Shaving your puppy’s fur puts you at risk for long-term damage. The coat of your dog avoids many environmental damages, like sunburn, skin cancer and also helps to keep your dog cool. 

If you are allergic to dogs then shaving is not the solution. People who are allergic to dogs are typically allergic to dander. Dander is dead skin cells that fall off from the dog’s body. So stay away from the shaver and look for another way to manage your dog’s fur, like regular brushing and bathing. 

The Pomeranian is the world’s most popular dog. They are renowned for their small-size and charming personality. They are loyal, intelligent, friendly and active. Shaving a Pomeranian can be difficult for many people, we hope this guide that we gave in the above article made your experience better. 


While it is possible to shave your Pomeranian, many experts advise against it due to potential health risks.

A shaved Pomeranian will have shorter fur, exposing more of its skin damaged from a sunburn. This can make your Pomeranian look quite different.

Yes, shaving your Pomeranian can expose the risks like sunburn, post-clipping Alopecia and skin irritations.

A completely shaved Pomeranian will have very short fur, making the dog appear almost hairless and exposing much of its skin.

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