Red Heeler Husky Mix

Red Heeler Husky Mix is the best option for you, if you are searching for a good puppy that is adjustable for your family. Every pet likes this breed because he is very intelligent and active. The breed  of Red Heeler (Australian Cattle dog, Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler) and Siberian Husky called Ausky. Red Heeler Husky Mix are typically less active and intelligent than their parents. The parent’s of Ausky both are active, intelligent, playful and work-oriented. 

This breed also enjoys participating in activities such as hiking, jogging, herding and hunting. Every dog has unique needs and characteristics, but these are very good for service dogs because of  their intelligence and activeness. Keep reading the article for more information about the training, appearance, dog diet and price of the Red Heeler Husky Mix. 

Red Heeler Husky Mix

This breed can also be aggressive but if they are not trained properly. Red Heeler Husky Mix is very loyal to their Pets Care Lover owner and they also love spending most time with their owner. Every Red Heeler Husky Mix got fame with the others because all are different from each other because of their personality and behavioral traits. Most of their personality matches with the Red Heeler because of their behavioral traits. 

Red Heeler

Red Heeler Husky Mix

Red Heeler is a clever herding animal that originated in the 19 century. This dog is very helpful for the navigation of sheep’s and goats. The active and knowledgeable dog owners love this type of dog because they are very energetic and highly motivated and they love doing work.  They are hard-working and usually farm working dogs because they need a lot of exercise. These dogs are usually red and blue in color.

 They are considered medium-sized dogs but they can grow 17 to 20 inches. The weight of a Red Heeler is usually about 35  to 50 pounds. Red Heeler dogs are very good with kids and they are also called shadow dogs because they love to follow the owner like a shadow. 

Siberian Husky 

Red Heeler Husky Mix

This is the most popular breed in the world because of their activeness and cuteness. They show loving behavior with kids, younger, older and even with strangers. They are not the best guard dogs but they are amazing with their families. These dogs are not recommended for those people who had no dog before because Huskies are playful dogs and very difficult to train. 

This breed is a very capable herding companion and originated in the Origins of Siberia. These dogs are very popular family dogs and they can adjust in any type of weather. They are not aggressive dogs but if you have a small apartment, make sure the doors are closed because they search for a chance to run away. 

Appearance Of Red Heeler Husky Mix

Now imagine how this breed is because both of his parents are beautiful dogs. They have beautiful candy eyes and when they come in different colors and patterns, then their beauty is endless and they look different from all other puppies. As they grow up, their body color and pattern change and you enjoy a color lottery. 

General Appearance

They have a medium-sized face with a broad head. They have medium-sized bodies with muscle. They have a wider body because they like jogging, jumping and herding. They have big ears standing up straight, that are covered with furs. They have long legs and a tail that is bushy just like a wolf. Their beautiful and attractive eyes are admired by anyone, they come in two colors, blue and brown. Some dogs have heterochromatic eyes (one eye is different in color than other eye). If you see these qualities a dog understands that it is a Husky and Red Heeler mix.


When it comes to appearance the coat color is the best and when you mix the red heeler with husky that is the end of beauty. There are some colors that you can see in the mix of Red Heeler and Husky are gray, brown, cream, silver, white, black, blue, red etc.

The coat of Red heeler and husky mix is smooth, silky, straight and strong with a double coat. Their double coats have many purposes like they protect them from rain, snow, water and sunlight. 

Temperament Of Red Heeler Husky Mix

Red heeler husky mixes are energetic, athletic and both parents are hard-working dogs. The red heeler originated as a working hard dog on farms. The husky are intelligent and well dependent dogs. Both dogs have a good sense of curiosity and both love their owners a lot. Red heelers make themselves protective to the owner in the time of need and husky (shadow dog) love to follow the owner like a shadow.

 Red Heeler Husky mixes are not aggressive dogs but sometimes you see them in aggression. These dogs are playful by nature that’s why they can be difficult to train. Their temperament can be influenced by various factors such as training, socialization and genetics. You can help them to make them a good dog and give them proper training.  

Grooming And Care Of Red Heeler Husky Mix

They need regular grooming due to their density and strength of their hair. You should manage their grooming requirements because long hair is not good for dogs and they cause dandruff. Both of its parents have double and hard coats and they need to brush two or three times in a week. 

Bathing : Bathing should depend on the need if your dog wants to bathe needs you to bathe them one or two times in a month. After bathing could strip their coat of natural oils and make their skin dry. After one week you can check your dog’s ear, because dirt in the ear can cause serious infection. 

Nails : One time in a month nails will need to be trimmed with the nail clipper, if the nails are long and curl around it can crack and cause discomfort and pain to your dog. 

Teeth : Brush your dog’s teeth once a week, if you don’t brush the teeth of your dog then their teeth will decay. 

Can Make Red Heeler Husky Mixes  a Good Family Pet?

Red Heeler Husky Mix

This breed may not be suitable for those families that did not have a dog before because he is a playful dog and it is not easy to train. If you would be able to train this breed then this is a good family pet. Red heeler husky mixes behave very well with children’s and even strangers. He is a peaceful creature. These dogs need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Both parents are used as guard dogs working with livestock in history. If you give proper training, then he makes a good family pet. 

Health Issues

Red Heeler Husky Mix

All health issues of red heeler and husky are present in her breed. There are many dog health issues that cause severe diseases. 

Hip Dysplasia : This genetic condition is found in large dogs and can cause pain and discomfort for your dog.

Skin Condition : If skin allergies are not managed timely then they can cause serious problems. If you see the signs of skin allergy in your dog, it’s your first duty to meet the veterinarian.  

Eye Problems : Keep in mind that eye problems in Red Heeler Husky Mix is a big problem. It’s important to check up on the dog regularly otherwise they will be blind even with one or both eyes. 

Ear Infection : The ears of Red Heeler Husky mix are covered with fur, so clean the ears of your dogs one or two times a week. If you don’t do this then it can cause a serious infection. 


It is difficult to find a good family dog. Loyal  and friendly behavior of Red Heeler Husky breed with children’s makes them a good family pet. Red Heeler originated as a farm dog and they always show very loving behavior with their owner. They are also very helpful for the navigation of sheeps and goats. They follow their owner like a shadow, so the red heeler is also called shadow dog. The husky is an active and beautiful dog and they originated in the Origins of Siberia. They show  loving behavior with kids, younger, older and even strangers. They can adjust in any type of weather. They also like to follow their owner like a shadow and also make a strong bond with their owner. All of his parent’s qualities are converted into Red Heeler Husky mix. That’s why they are very good as a family dog. If you want a dog that is adjustable with your family then Red Heeler Husky mix is the right option for you. 


The AUSKY is the breed of American Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) and Siberian Husky. Both are intelligent and active dogs. Because of this the Ausky (blue heeler, queensland heeler) are so popular in the world.

The Red Heeler is a sweet dog and makes a strong bond with their owner. They like to spend most of their time with the owner, they follow her like a shadow. They show loving behavior with other family members.

It is very difficult to train Husky dogs because their nature is playful. This dog is not suitable for families which do not have dogs before. They need an otion to run away, if you live in an apartment then don’t let him alone.

The Husky is a good dog and they show loving behavior with childrens, younger, older and even strangers. They also like to spend most of their time playing. These dogs make a strong relation with their family members. 

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