Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The Savannah Maine Coon Mix cat can be the ideal pet for you if you are seeking for an exotic-looking breed with a wonderful attitude! These cats are loved by many because of their lovely spotted coats and lengthy fur. A several and a domestic cat were crossed to create a Savannah cat, one of the many beautiful and unique breeds of cats that have been created via selected breeding. 

As a result, they resemble wild cats in having many spots. On the other hand, the Maine Coon is a popular breed of cat that does not originate from a particular breed. Because of how uncommon it is for these two cats to get together, Savannah Maine Coon Mix can get very expensive. Let’s study in detail about Savannah Maine Coon Mix. 

Savannah Maine Coon Mix 

Regretfully, the International Cat Association (TICA) makes clear that such a hybrid is possible: According to the TICA Savannah breed standard, outcrosses including Maine Coons and Bengal cats are prohibited. The group goes on to defend its stance by claiming that these prohibited breeds may introduce numerous undesirable genetic impacts.

Savannah cats

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The savannah cat is a golden crossbreed between domestic cats and wild serval. This hybrid originated in 1986 with the first kitten being born to this pair called ‘Savannah’. Beautiful spot on their coat makes them exotic-looking just like servals. Savannah cats are smaller than the servals and weigh anywhere from 12 to 25lbs. The height of the serval is 17-24 inches as compared to the height of savannah cat 14-17 inches. 

The Savannah cat’s personality is similar to other wild cats. Because of his kitty wild genes, in some areas their certain generations are even banned. First generation of Savannah is illegal in almost ten states here in the USA and his fourth generation is accepted legally. The ownership of all savannah cats is banned in some states such as (Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island). 

Maine Coon cats 

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Maine Coon cats are an extremely popular type of cats. Maine Coon are often crossbreed with many exotic or golden breeds. Their silky hair and loving temperament are widely sought  by many breeders. You can find it in a variety of colors like colorpoints, tabbies, calico and many others.  

The weight of maine coon cats is around 18 pounds,which is more than the average domestic shorthair. Some cats even reach more than 20 pounds.  These kitties are a hybrid between wild raccoons and domestic cats. These species are far too different ever to produce offspring. The Savannah is a true hybrid cross between domestic and wild animals. 

The Possibility of a Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The hybrid of Savannah Maine Coon would be possible theoretically. Domestic crosses with breeds such as Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair and Domestic Shorthair were permitted in earlier to 2012. On the development of the breed in both desired and undesired traits, these cats had a tremendous effect. After 2012, many responsible breeders breed only between Savannah cats, TICA no longer allows domestic cats. These breeds can bring many undesirable genetic problems.  

Are Savannah Maine Coon Mix Expensive

Because of their appearance the Savannah Maine Coon Mix is expensive to buy. Hug  time with these cats is a pure bliss for the Pets Care Lover, because these cats have very soft fur. The world is overrunning with cats, if you had a hobby to help them reproduce so you would supplement your income. The only person who cares about a cat’s life more than the money it brings on the person who buys it. 

We have  a large number of those cats who are living in shelters and on the roads, so they need to reproduce to increase the likelihood of this happening. So many people in the world bought these cats and gave them a lot of shelter for their livelihood. It is your responsibility to care for them.

Are Savannah Maine Coon Mix Dangerous

This is no clear proof that Savannah Maine Coon cats are more dangerous like all other types of cats. Under similar situations such as unintentionally rough playfulness and aggression, a big animal may harm more than the smaller animal. The chances of scratches and other problems increase in Savannah cats because these are larger than other domestic cats. In some cases, both animals are dangerous. If they have been mistreated or ignored they may exhibit troublesome behavior. All animals like horses, dogs, cats, chickens etc. behave angrily if they are in pain or fearful.

Temperament of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Savannah Maine Coon Mix are a very interesting, sociable and playful personality. But they might not be friendly towards strangers. These cats are very smart and tend to be devoted to their owner. They can be trained to understand different commands like walk on a leash and do tricks. These cats are tightly attached with their owners but aloof with strangers. While they are not lap cats, attention is welcomed on their terms. 

At some times, Savannah Maine Coon cats may end up acting a little bit wild as a result of their feral forefathers. Cats also need careful training to prevent your furniture from scratching to sharpen their claws, like cats do in the wild. The prior generation of the Savannah hybrids are not recommended as a pet, they are often feral and don’t live as domestic cats. 

Coat and Color of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Their coat appearance depends on the color of Maine Coon parents, these cats range from pale brown with dark spots. These cats will always be some shade of brown. Savannah Maine Coon cats may not inherit the easily recognized ringed tail of the Maine Coon. They have a ruff of fur around the neck and have tufted ears and paws. Ruffles of fur around the neck makes them appear like a lion. 

Savannah have long and soft fur and gentle giants have thick coats. A mixed breed can have short to long coats and may look like a mix of both. During grooming and cleaning owners like to spend a lot of time with them. It is clear to invest in grooming tools like brushes and a vacuum and do not forget about nail clippers and teeth brushes. 

Exercise, Playing and Healthy Died 

You will want to stock up on toys, if you want to keep your Savannah Maine Coon Mix happy. Some domestic cats would be content with a selection of toys and even an elevated pet tree. Every house pet should be spayed including Maine Coon and their hybrids. Every owner knows very well how important it is to trim the cat’s nails regularly and clean the litter box.

To a lifetime of happiness for cats, maintaining a good diet and regular exercise even if they spend most of their time in their own home. The diet of Savannah Maine Coon Mix are no longer distinct. Because of their height, they require more food.  

Health Issues to Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The life expectancy of Savannah Maine Coon Mix is 10 to 13 years. Sadly, they have many genetic health problems, which can leave them in a lot of pain. Some common health issues are Polycystic kidney disease, Spinal muscular atrophy, Hip dysplasia and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. If you keep complete care of your cat and make a balanced diet, the chances of any health problem is minimum. Mixed breeds are often healthier than their purebred parents.  The mixed breeds are less likely to inherit genetic disease than their parents. 


Savannah Maine Coon Mix makes a good domestic partner, if you give a healthier environment. On the other hand, they need  excellent care. When compared with other purebred, the Savannah Maine Coon cats are most expensive. The Savannah Maine Coon Mix can be a good breed, but the money will be worth it, If  you want to have a friendly cat in your home. These cats are loved by many because of their lovely spotted coats and lengthy fur. The sweet nature will certainly tug at your heartstrings.


Savannah can be small despite being a crossbreed of two large parents. Maine coon are often sizable. Savannah has a short hair coat cat while Maine coon has a long haired kitty.

Look at the body type as well as the animal ear tufts as evidence that this cat is Maine Coon Mix. Only genetic testing can definitely determine the cat.

A mixed breed generally smaller than the purebred counterpart it. The Maine Coon is a big cat and will not attain the huge heights of the purebred cats.

 Because of their strong hunting impulses, Savannah cats may not be suitable for houses like pets such as fish, birds, rabbits. When socialized as a kitty with other cats, dogs and kids, she is a wonderful friend.

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