Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror: Cats are known for their playful nature, they play with balls, with curtains, messing your walls, scratching the furniture. But sometimes their activities confuse their owners and that is scratching the mirror.

It’s the nature of cats to scratch their paws to scratch their muscles and sharpen their claws. But when a cat scratches the mirror so much it makes their owner puzzled, and they worry that their pet might be injured by this act.

There are some reasons cats scratch the mirror, understand these reasons and create a safe environment for their loving pet:

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror


If you see your cat is playing with a mirror or glass and doing unusual things, like a cat taking a round again and again around the mirror and hitting it, in that case it may be frightened with its own reflection and think that it’s another cat that came into the house to fight with it.

This behavior of cats is not permanent. Soon your cat realizes that it’s not another cat, it’s her own reflection because there is no smell or sound from other side.

If you find your cat will not be injured by this act you must allow them to play but if it is an unusual thing it’s best for you to consult your vet.

Scratching include in their nature:

First and most important thing is that scratching is the nature of cats. They sharpen their claws, scratch their muscles and remove the outer dead layer of their claws by scratching. Cats have scent gland on their paw ,and when they scratch, they left their scent behind that shows that this area is their territory.

Glass or mirrors have smooth surfaces that attract a cat and they enjoy scratching on this surface because when their claws scratch against glass it creates sound, this sound is melodious for them.

It also helps them to decrease their stress and boredom.

Attention seeking

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror

If your cats seem to be scratching a mirror, but you observe they are not playing and not frightened. Then may they want your attention. But if you stop them they may enjoy your behavior. They  do some act to grab owners attention , whether negative or positive.

Therefore if your cat does such behavior you should give them toys and play with them. You can spend much time with your cat so that you can stop them from this behavior.

If your cat’s behavior is positive by your attention ,your cat will learn to seek attention positively and the negative behavior may decrease. 

It is important to know that if your cat is continuously doing this behavior ,it may occur due to anxiety and boredom.You can also consult your  vet.They will help you to reduce the problem. 

Behavior Problem

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror

The reasons mentioned earlier are common causes of scratching the mirror. The cat’s behavior is also a most important reason in this regard. Don’t forget that cats are complex animals it’s difficult to understand their behavior.

We must know that like humans, cats have many issues like anxiety, stress and chemical imbalance. These factors are the reasons for this unwanted behavior, it may be challenging for you and not correct without professionals. Your friend can live a happy and healthy life with the right treatment.


Cats are known as a play loving animal. They play with balls, with curtains, scratching to sharp their claws. Same as they play with a mirror by scratching it.

Suppose you find your cat scratching their reflection, running and hiding. They are just playing, don’t  worry because it’s not a serious thing.

Therefore, making sure that this act will not injure the cat or break anything is essential. While ensuring safety of your cat, you let them play and explore their reflection, as it is normal behavior.


Why Does My Cat Scratch The Mirror

Cats are known for their curious nature ,they explore things by pawing and scratching them ,as they are curious to learn more about other things.Same in the case of scratching the mirror.

If your cat scratches the mirror it definitely has curiosity and thinks that it’s another cat on the other side and wants to learn more about the other cat.

Stress Relief

One of the reasons for scratching the mirror is the cat’s stress. Like human beings, cats also have stress when they feel alone, because of changes in the environment and routine, the presence of other animals or sickness can make reasons for their stress.

When they scratch the mirror the sound of scratching on the surface of glass and mirror  sounds are unpleasant for you but it can help to calm them down.

See a mirror first time

Now your cat grew up and came out from the cat’s shelter.Now it play and moving around into the house and see new things.It scratch  the things for know more about them,and when it see mirror, window or Tv first time ,it makes it curious when they see their reflection in the mirror,that is why it scratch the mirror 

When they get more familiar with your house and realize that it’s their own reflection,they will stop pawing at it. 

Preventing your cat from scratching the mirror

Every cat owner wants to save his cat from scratching the mirror. You can do various things to prevent this behavior:

1.You can provide an alternative to a mirror:

Firstly you can provide an alternative to a mirror which has a smooth surface like a mirror.It might be a smooth pad,you must encourage your cat to scratch this pad surface by putting some toys near the scratching thing.

2.Use prevent:

If you want to discourage your cat from this unusual act using something that will scare them away from it.For example placing double sided tape in front of the mirror,so that when they go to scratch the mirror ,they will be deterred  by sticky feeling.

3.Positive reinforcement:

Positive reinforcement is also a good idea to stop your cat. You can give rewards if they scratch something other than a mirror .If they do something you approve of then you praise them and give them attention.

4.Try to reduce their stress level:

If your cat is scratching the mirror due to stress and anxiety you must find the reason for its stress and try to take away that reason.For example your cat feels stress in the presence of another animal you must separate that animal from your cat.

5.Provide them calm environment:

You can also try to provide a calm and quiet environment ,with comfortable sleeping or playing areas.This can help your cat to feel secure and decrease stress level.

6.Cover your mirrors:

One thing will be helpful for you is to cover your mirrors with a cloth or remove mirrors from the rooms. It’s not a permanent solution but it  can help to prevent damage to the mirror and decrease the stress level of your cat.

Eventually, with patience and consistency your cat should learn that  this behavior is not acceptable.

Final Words

There are several reasons why cats scratch the mirrors, including fear of other cat in its reflection, scratching include in their nature, they do this for attention seeking, behavioral problem, for playing ,curiosity of new things, relief from stress are the reasons. Some precautions can help you to prevent it and provide a happy and healthy environment for your beloved cat, by providing your cat alternative scratching surface, reduce their stress level, positive reinforcement, provide them calm environment, and by cover your mirrors.


Cats scratch the mirror for some reasons including fear, due to their nature of scratching ,for attention seeking, for playing for relief from stress and due to curiosity of other cats in reflection.

You can protect your cat by providing alternative scratching surfaces, reduce their stress level, positive reinforcement, provide them a calm environment, and by covering your mirrors.

Cats are often more active and playful at night. It can also be that the cat is more excited by the reflection in the mirror at night due to the low light .

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