Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup: You  ever feel a peculiar scent coming from your cat, for example ,delicious, perfume or  like Maple syrup. It is important to know that every cat has scent glands in their body, which help them to communicate with the others of their species.

If your cat’s smell like Maple syrup it’s a common thing, you are not alone in this regard. But it’s a mystery for the cat’s owner.

This blog post tells you the reasons behind why my cat smells like maple syrup?

Health Concerns

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup

Some health concerns that make your cat smell like Maple syrup are mentioned below.

Diabetes in cats:

Cats also have some health issues like diabetes.When a cat has suffered from a medical condition it smells sweet or like maple syrup.Its a very common condition that may affect pets and their breath smells like Maple syrup due to excess sugar in their urine.

It’s a severe condition, So if you feel this  smell , thirst and weight loss in your pet.So You have to consult your vet immediately. Food for pets and cats suffering from this disease is also easily available online and in pet retailer stores.

Urine Tract Infection(UTI):

Urine tract infection(UTI) is also a reason for the smell like maple syrup in your cat.UTI is a very painful condition in cats,symptoms of UTI in cats include frequent urination,pain during urination and blood in urine.It can be severe if it left untreated so if  you find this symptoms in your pet, consult your vet as soon as possible for proper treatment. 

Metabolic Condition:

Apart from problems with the UTI or diabetes ,metabolic disorder is also become a factor to cats scent change.If cats occur some metabolic disorder and cannot digest food they eat

Some common metabolic disorders include hyperthyroidism,liver disease,kidney disease.Symptoms of metabolic disorder include diarrhea,weight loss, vomiting and lethargy.So if you find this condition in your cat you must consult your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Environmental factors cause to the Maple syrup smell:

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup

Not only health factors affect the smell of your cat, but some  environmental factors also contribute to a sweet smell in your cat. By understanding these factors you can identify the cause of smell and can do some precautions to eliminate it.

Impact of Diet:

Just as what we eat has an impact on our body, the same thing occurs in cats. A cat’s diet can also influence their scent.

Cat’s that are fed some special food their smell might be sweet, syrup- like smell, certain ingredients in cats food especially carbohydrate and sugar might be offenders.

Additionally certain food such as fish or liver can live a strong scent in your cat’s breath ,that contributes to sweet smell. So when you feel any change in your cat smell you review your cat’s diet.

Grooming habits:

Like human beings, cats are also habitual for their grooming. They use grooming products like shampoo or perfumes may contribute to sweet scent. When you choose grooming products for your cat you must keep in your mind, choose only that product which are made for cats and free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Additionally keep in mind that groom your cat regularly so your cat can be saved from bacteria and bad scent.

What to do when your cat smell like maple syrup:

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup

As a cat owner you may have noticed that your cat smell has changed and is like maple syrup and you are worried about this change .There are some factors which will guide you on how you make your cat happy and healthy and their scent sweet.

1.Regular checkups:

Regular checkups are very important to maintain their health.This checkups will help you to know  signs of disease early , including those that might cause unusual smell.

A maple syrup scent can be a sign of health issues like diabetes or liver disease. Your veterinarian will check and recommend a test if needed by these checkups you can easily cure your cat.

2.Mange your cat diet:

Just like human beings, cats also need a balanced diet to live a healthy life.Provide your cat a high quality,balanced diet, try new food slowly and see if it can change the smell of your cat. Always choose your cat’s food which is made of natural ingredients rather than artificial additives.

You consult your vet he will prescribe a diet and add some supplements in your cat’s current food. It is important to tell you that when a change in food it may cause digestive problems in your cat but it will not remain over a week or two.

3.Proper grooming:

Grooming your cat regularly with gentle products can change the bad smell of your cat. Brush their coat regularly and follow proper grooming techniques which keep coat and skin neat and healthy. If your cat has long hair, trimming it and removing loose hair and dirt.

You can also give them an occasional bath with pet save shampoo,if your cat is old and can not groom himself regularly,you must experience as stress free as possible for your friend.

4.Monitoring behavior:

If your cat starts to smell sweet, it is essential to monitor their behavior .  changes in their eating habits or you feel a change in their  behavior ,that’s the sign of an underlying issue, so you must take your cat  to a vet immediately.

Final Words

In final words Why Does My Cat Smell Like Maple Syrup occurs due to some reasons including: health problems like :diabetes, urine infection and some metabolic issues.

Some environmental factors  including: diet and grooming habits are also effect on their scent

Through regular checkups, managing their healthy diet and proper grooming you can prevent this problem.


Your cat fur smells like maple syrup due to diabetes, urine infection and some metabolic issues.

Through regular checkups, managing their healthy diet and proper grooming you can prevent this problem.

No, cats do not like the smell of maple syrup.In Fact, they may find it unpleasant.

Yes, unhealthy diet and grooming habits also affect their scent.

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